About us

About us

Country Corner by Interior's,
le charme à la française...


Heir to traditional French cabinetmaking methods, Interior's saw the day in Normandy in the late 1970's and has continued to grow ever since. Our original creations of furniture and accessories are manufactured and designed in our factories.

Country Corner by Interior's upholds the French «Art de vivre» and our collection evoke historic and artistic styles that decorated our heart-warming homes of days gone by.



In accordance with traditional 19th century methods and the use of an exceptional quality of wood, our furniture is hand carved and sculptured and the patina and ornaments a real work of craftsmanship : one of the many pledges of quality that Interior's have held secret for over 30 years. 



A reflection of unique interior designs, Interior's is much more than a manufacturer, it is a lifestyle, a French label giving rise to great collections of furniture and accessories.


Our Works

Our furniture and accessories pieces are created by our home interior Stylist Team. Then, they come to light via our Research and Development department.

Finally, we manufacture in our own factories in accordance with traditional 19th century methods.




Our showrooms in Le Havre & Ho Chi Minh

Our showrooms enable retailing partners to discover our universe of furniture and accessories so characteristic of our brand.

Collections are conceived to offer limitless combinations of coherent and harmonious styles.


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Worldwide Partners

Emissary of French values and traditions, Interior's is also an international name appreciated in over 40 countries. Proof that the 'Art de vivre à la française' remains a firm reference to refinement and quality.