Our Know-how

Our Know-how

In accordance with traditional 19th century methods and the use of an exceptional quality of wood, our furniture is hand carved and sculptured and the patina and ornaments a real work of craftsmanship :

One of the many pledges of quality that Interior's have held secret for over 30 years. 

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Quality materials

Spruce, Pine, Oak and Lenga are the different timber we deal with for solid wood series.

Also some collections come from High quality selection Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF E1 class) is perfectly suited to ensure a long lasting quality of the finish. It is a stable and sturdy material which can be worked like solid wood. MDF also gives the furniture a high level of resistance to scratches and shocks.

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The first sign of a well-crafted piece is its ability to last in time. Our Country Corner furniture will ensure resistance over years and will even age admirably thanks to its style and quality of wood finish.

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Our 100% original designs sparkle in the minds of our Native French designers then come to life through the hands of our production people.

That is why we like to refer to all of them as our artists and craftsmen.

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Wood finish

The furniture finish is the fruit of a long procedure entirely done by hand. The successive layers of acrylic paint are aged by hand with a sanding craft technique. For better protection, a veil of cellulose varnish is also added.


Mother Earth has given us one of her most precious goods in order to express ourselves through our home-décor creations.

That is why COUNTRY CORNER believes that sustainability in our business culture is necessary to pay respect and truly appreciate wood resources.

Our products are certified PEFC® and FSC®

Our aim is to respect a policy of sourcing for timber exclusively from forests guaranteed to be managed in a sustainable way.

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